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Intralogistics for the efficient delivery of materials

item products keep goods and materials flowing rapidly to precisely where they are needed, which lowers warehousing costs and cuts throughput times. There are a number of solutions available that help to deliver efficient intralogistics:

  1. Conveyor lines are a permanent means of interlinking work benches
  2. Transport trolleys offer a flexible solution for forwarding goods and materials
  3. Racks and trolleys act as buffer devices and support focused loading and unloading operations

You can find out everything you need to know about creating an ergonomic working environment for employees here.

Ergonomic work bench systems in industry

This White Paper provides detailed information about the advantages and proven benefits of ergonomic work bench systems.

Efficient work benches

The item Work Bench System comprises stable work benches that can be configured to suit specific requirements. All benches feature an ergonomic height-adjustment system and are designed for networked working practices. Work bench 4E FIFO even has an integrated rack with roller conveyors for automatic loading and unloading.

Automatic loading and unloading

The Release Unit is used when configuring workstations with automatic loading and unloading systems. Shooters keep supplies coming in and convey transport boxes (small load carriers, or SLCs) without employees having to unload the boxes manually. The system’s locking mechanism is automatically opened when there is side-on contact between an Actuator Ramp and Actuator Roller, and transport boxes are only released when shooter and workstation are correctly aligned. As a result, a single tugger train can supply materials to a series of work benches with different requirements in a single pass.

Material transport with trolleys

The versatile SystemMobiles from item are ideal transport systems. They combine a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimised chassis. Thanks to their customisable design principles, these transport trolleys can be configured for virtually any working process. Their outstanding versatility and a wide range of sizes and heights make SystemMobiles L, S, T and U the perfect partners for all transport tasks. What’s more, when using the item ikonsys planning tool, you can configure SystemMobiles and work benches with just a few clicks of your mouse.

All SystemMobiles are configured according to your specifications and delivered to you ready for use. Alternatively, you can also design your own customised racks – either stationary or mounted on castors – using components from the MB Building Kit System and Line D30 profile tube system. Kanban racks can also be built directly on site.

Good reasons to use D30 - Plan B

item visits Plan B Automatisierung in Bremen.

When using the Line D30 profile tube system a single person can build sturdy, permanent racks on their own. That’s lean production as it should be.

Roller conveyors for networked work benches

Whether you need a long section or a short one – item has the ideal solution for all needs. The conveying technology in the MB Building Kit System supports both powered and manual systems for transporting goods over long stretches.

When it comes to conveyor lines on racks and trolleys and between work benches, roller conveyors offer the ideal solution. Various models are available in both aluminium and steel. Coloured castors offer a convenient and effective means of managing stock levels at a glance.


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