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MB Building Kit for Mechanical Engineering

The item MB Building Kit System is the solution for all design and construction tasks involving factory equipment engineering. It can be used to build everything from simple frames to fully automated production lines.

For more than 25 years, engineers around the world have been relying on the MB Building Kit System because it presents solutions that simply work. The modular components can be combined in a virtually unlimited number of variations, helping you turn your ideas into reality. Reliability and extendibility ensure that systems and structures have an extremely long useful life.

Profiles and accessories

Using high-tensile aluminium profiles, any type of structure can be assembled cleanly and rapidly without further surface processing. All profiles are anodized and are produced with modular dimensions to ensure that they are compatible with specific Lines.


The elements in the Fasteners product group provide power-locking profile connections of extreme rigidity.

T-Slot Nuts

Different types of T-Slot Nuts with threads and groove profiles for customised processing generate a counter-bearing for the screw in the groove.

Screws and Universal Elements

Various Screws and universal fixing elements to connect accessories to profile constructions.

Panel Fasteners

The rigid connection is made using components which differ depending on the requirement made on them in terms of strength, installation and design. Rigid panels can be formed using profiles or special clamping profiles.

Enclosure and guard system elements

Special components for building secure guards and enclosures that are either connected directly to the machine base (machine-mounted) or are inherently stable and free standing (remote-mounted).

Hinges and Fittings

Swing, sliding or lifting doors can be produced with the aid of movable panel fasteners. In this arrangement, the doors can be in the form of either inherently stable panels without frames or frame elements with integral panels.


Swing, sliding and lifting doors are operated with handles or grip systems. The grips are either screwed directly into an inherently stable panel element or they are attached to the profile of the panel frame.

Locks and Catches

As well as the latching function, locking systems also provide security against unauthorised entry via swing or sliding doors constructed from inherently stable panel elements.

Panel Elements

This product group comprises panel elements of various materials. These panel elements are ideal for producing machine casings, guards, enclosures and housings as well as for constructing work benches.

Floor Elements

The Floor Elements product group comprises:

> Adjustable Feet for jigs, machines and enclosures
> Castors for apparatus, containers and other mobile applications
> Special elements for securing constructions to the floor or wall
> Transport and base plates for connecting adjustable feet and castors to various applications


Conveying operations can be incorporated into the profile structure with the aid of specialised accessories.

Machine accessories

Accessories for machines – from operating machines and supplying information, power and data to preventing damage and protecting against vibration.

Installation Elements

The Installation Elements product group consists of simple conduits, the highly variable modular conduit system, profiles with integrated conduits, Electronic Boxes and fasteners for cables and switches.

Linear Slides

> Linear Guides: 
> Roller Guides on shafts secured to the profile groove
> C-Rail Guides in special profiles
> Ball Bearing Guide Bushes on free-standing guiding shafts
> Linear Guide Systems on guide rails on profiles 8

Mechanical Drive Elements

The drive elements allow flexible design of any number of axes of movement when combined with item linear slides.

Components made of special materials

For applications that place special requirements on the materials in the structural elements of the building kit system. The special item profiles made from either stainless steel or an innovative plastic composite.

Jigs and Tools

Special jigs and tools for processing elements of the MB Building Kit System.


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