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Linear drives – getting linear units on the move

The drive elements complement the linear slides available from item perfectly. They deliver reliable and precise power transmission for automated processes.

A range of solutions are available to suit a number of tasks, ensuring that the ideal combination of linear slide and drive element can be found whatever the requirements.

  • Timing-belt drive – the universal and most versatile solution for high speeds and long stroke lengths
  • Rack drive – extremely rigid and precise, built into the groove and ideal for vertical motion
  • Ball Screw Unit – the drive for ultimate precision
  • Chain drive – outstanding power transmission that lasts, even in areas subject to high levels of contamination

In addition to modular linear drives, item also offers two turnkey solutions that combine slides and drive in one package:

  • Linear Unit KLE – a roller guide and timing-belt drive in one
  • Linear Unit KRF – the ultimate load-to-size ratio thanks to an extremely compact criss-crossed roller guide and a timing-belt drive


By using extremely flexible drive technology, item gives users the opportunity to choose virtually any drive motor. Variable couplings are available for integrating the motor of choice and even Synchroniser Shafts can be used.



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